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iphone spyWhen it comes to software, it is always sure that there is something for iPhone. In this article, we will be learning about the iPhone spy software designed to work well with Apple iPhone. The same software dubbed as the first professional spy software ever made for Apple iPhone –Mobile Spy.

What Is iPhone Spy Software

Mobile Spy is a hybrid of software/service which allows someone to monitor and track the activities of an iPhone to where it is installed. This software/service is made with a unique system that silently records and collects all data that the iPhone receives and sends. Data that this software/service can record includes SMS logs, Call Logs, email logs, GPS location, social media messages (Facebook, twitter), Apps installed and more!

SMS Logs.

Once the software is installed into the iPhone whose activities you want to monitor, it will record all text messages that the phone has in its memory (incoming and outgoing messages). Plus, even when the iPhone user deleted his messages before you can even view it, that is not a problem, because the software will allow you to view even deleted messages!

Call Logs.

Once the software is installed into the iPhone mobile whose activities you want to monitor, it will record all call events done on it. You can then view all collected call data from any computer with internet connection.

Email logs.

iPhone Spy software will allow you to view and read all emails that was sent and received on the phone. Like text messages, even when the iPhone user deleted some emails, the software will allow you to view those deleted emails! You won’t miss any incoming and outgoing emails!

Social Media messages.

iPhone Spy software will allow you to view and read not only the SMS, call, and email logs that the phone sent and received, but also social media messages. Billions of people today have social media accounts and some use their accounts to send and receive messages. If your target iPhone is used to send and receive messages in Facebook or twitter, you will be able to see those messages.

Apps tracker.

Millions of Applications are available for iPhone Mobile phones, if you want to know what Apps your target iPhone mobile device has installed, iPhone Spy Software will allow you to do that!

GPS location.

iPhone mobile phones come with built-in GPS program. When you install the iPhone Spy Software, it will allow you to track and have the full GPS location of the target iPhone! This feature will allow you to know the location of the target iPhone in real time!

How to Install iPhone Spy Software

Installing iPhone Spy Software is very easy, but the very important rule you have follow is to have a physical access to the iPhone device that you want to monitor. If you can’t have a physical access to it, you won’t be able to install the software on it, thus, you won’t be able to monitor it.

Now, assuming that you have a physical access to the iPhone device that you want to monitor, what you have to do next is to find a software vendor from where you can purchase iPhone Spy Software. Once you have found a software vendor and purchased the software, next is download the software directly on the iPhone using its web browser. Once the software is downloaded, install it. You will be guided throughout the installation process. All you have to do is read the instruction manual and you will done with the installation.

Once the software is successfully installed, take the time to configure its settings. Set it up just how you want it to work for you. (Ask yourself what features you want to use and which ones are not). After configuring the software, it will immediately begin to collect the data that you want from the target iPhone mobile device.

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  1. Mobistealth says:

    this seems like a good software. could you please add the URL to the website where this product is available. does this also work on Android platform and please add the cost too. Excellent write up.

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